Monday, March 31, 2014

Let your ads take flight with AdBirds

Let your ads take flight with AdBirds

When you logged in to your Google AdWords account today, you might have noticed a new option. With a tongue-in-cheek message “Let your ads take flight with AdBirds…” a link will take you to the following page, which promises to take your campaign to “new heights by placing ads on real birds.”

 Funny stuff Google!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro Proves Bigger Isn't Always Better


If there’s a niche in the consumer electronics market, Samsung will fill it, sooner or laterPhablets, fitness bands, smartwatches and nearly every space in between. This approach — largely regarded as the antithesis of Apple’s "one product to rule them all" strategy — has been a big part of what’s made the company’s Galaxy line some of the most popular and recognizable products in all of tech

Back at CES, the company announced plans to embrace the ever-growing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement, and in typical Samsung fashion, it’s gone all-in. The company has a grand total of four new tablets aimed at straddling that line between the personal and the professional — prosumer, if you will. The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 marks the high end of the spectrum, with its premium look and feel, S Pen functionality, a suite of business-focused apps and a gorgeous — and enormous — 12-inch display. Read more...

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Meet the 'Most Connected Man' in the World


And you thought managing a smartphone and an inbox was exhausting

45-year-old Chris Dancy is known as the most connected man in the world. He has between 300 and 700 systems running at any given time, systems that capture real-time data about his life

His wrists are covered with a variety of wearable technology, including the fitness wristband tracker Fitbit and the Pebble smartwatch. He weighs himself on the Aria Wi-Fi scale, uses smartphone controlled Hue lighting at home and sleeps on a Beddit mattress cover to track his sleep

Even Dancy's dog is tracked via Tagg, which logs its daily activities. Read more...

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Google Launches App Store for Docs and Sheets


Google is rolling out an online marketplace for third-party apps on Google Drive, the company announced Thursday.

The apps, which Google is calling add-ons, are available to Google Drive users in Docs and Sheets, the free online word-processing and spreadsheet services.

The add-ons are created by third-party developers and allow users to do things like sign documents, create customized email templates or make name tags from within documents and spreadsheets

With the EasyBib bibliography add-on, for example, users can create bibliographies by searching the web for sources, choosing a style and inserting a formatted bibliography without ever leaving the document. Read more...

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Tech Companies Reveal National Security Data Requests


Newly released reports from web and telecom service providers such as Facebook reveal for the first time that tens of thousands of Americans have had the contents of their accounts sent to government investigators in the name of national security.

Not all companies release such information the same way, but by compiling several of their “transparency reports,” it is clear that a substantial portion of government requests for customer data are being made under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The act allows for extensive electronic evidence to be gathered about people suspected of being involved in terrorism or espionage, and requests are made through a special court whose findings are generally secret. Read more...

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T-Mobile to Upgrade 2G Network to 4G LTE by 2015


T-Mobile plans to upgrade the rest of its existing 2G/EDGE markets to 4G LTE by next year, the company announced on Thursday.

Just less than one year after introducing LTE to its network, T-Mobile said it now reaches 210 million people in 273 metro areas nationwide and is planning a larger rollout. The move would give customers with a LTE-capable smartphone or tablet access to faster Internet speeds when outside major cities

T-Mobile plans to complete 50% of the initiative and finish it by mid-2015. This is a quick turnaround for the company, which is also working to deploy LTE in the 700 MHz A-Block spectrum. T-Mobile acquired the spectrum from Verizon earlier this year Read more...

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VLC Player Comes to Windows 8 After Months of Delays


VideoLAN, the company behind the popular open source media player VLC, rolled out the long-awaited beta version of its VLC for Windows 8 app on Thursday.

The app allows users to watch videos in almost every format, including MKV, FLAC and Ogg files.

The app is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised £40,000 ($66,704) in December 2012. Since its funding, the development of the Windows 8 app has been hampered by delays.

VLC's developer, VideoLAN, says the beta version of the Windows 8 app does have some limitations. "As this is a beta, some features are still not perfectly stable, but we are working on that," said Jean-Baptiste Kempf, VideoLAN's president, in a message to Kickstarter backers. Read more...

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